mythological dogs names

Unique male and female dog names starting with H and having Greek origins Haidee – Greek for modest Hebe – Greek word for youthful like the flower Barghest is a mythological monstrous dog that is also known as Bargtjest, Bo-guest, Bargheist, Bargeist, Barguist, Bargest or Barguest. The three-headed dog of Greek mythology, Cerberus, guarded the entrance to the underworld, allowing spirits to enter but never leave. The best Greek dog names might come from history, art, celebrity culture, fashion, fine dining, and even your family tree. It has been said to inhabit the … Mythology Dog Names Name Your Dog After One Of The Ancients. A dog's name can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; name her Luna, and she could turn out to be a lunatic. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty) Nike (In ancient Greek religion, Nike was a goddess who personified victory) While Greek mythology is one of my favorites, there are also some fabulous Roman counterpart names as well, so we’ve included a section with those, too. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mythological dogs. Naming ideas that have been passed down thru the sands of time and will be immortalized further once given to your dog. Subcategories. When I’m looking for a great name for my new dog, I always turned to mythology first, especially Greek female dog names.. See, most of my dogs have been girls, and I just love giving them a strong, powerful mythological name. We offer you to choose the name for your puppy from the following list. Surprisingly enough, there's more than a few good mythology dog names to choose from. Loki – The cunning and sly Norse God with an evil streak—in fact, he’s the … H Most of all, be sure it’s a … This is a list of dogs from mythology, including dogs, beings who manifest themselves as dogs, beings whose anatomy includes dog parts, and so on. Garm (A four-eyed dog that guarded Helheim in Norse mythology) Vulcan (The god of fire in Roman mythology) Sirius (In Greek mythology, and star in Canis Major) Siren (In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors) Are you a true fan of Greek culture and Mythology? Mita - myth Naida/Naiya - water nymph Nerina/Nerissa/Nerine - sea nymph Nida - elf Nivi - water sprite Orenda - magic power Phialia - Irish saint Satu - fairytale Seda - forest voices Sema - divine omen Shea - fairytale Tass - mythological name Tatiana - fairy queen Tazia - a fairy queen Tizane - gypsy (from Gitane) Wakanda - inner magical power Dog Names That Are Norse Mythological Figures Aegir – Norse word for an elderly magician. On the other hand, naming a hunting dog Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the hunt, may help to elevate your girl's hunting game. Freyja – The Norse goddess of love, known for her beauty and her sensuality. Griffin – This is a badass mythological beast; good name for a large male guard dog or watch dog.

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