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CMT debuted it’s top 40 Country songs of the decade from 2000-2010. The sisters also co-wrote the track with Tiësto making it their first true collaboration. This country singer made the gutsy move of accepting a song American A-listers, including Carrie Underwood, shied away from taking on because of its sensitive subject matter – getting a girl drunk to take advantage of her. The funky song is something one would expect playing in some neon-lit sofa-dotted club attended by someone like Olivia Thirlby. One of the leaders of that wave was Toronto artist Daniel Caesar, whose songs like "Get You" and "Best Part" started racking up millions of streams. The results in this chart are not affiliated with any mainstream or … “Into the Blue” is one of her most delicious songs complete with growling synths and addictive beats. Her exuberant vocals do justice to one of the few R&B songs out there that has melody, and what a melody! In other words, when the smoke cleared away, Carly Rae Jepsen had slayed like nobody’s business. They make it seem so simple, and it is so simple. "Call Me Maybe" is fun and freeing and not trying to be cooler than it is, nor has it ever heard the word "dignified." Diana Wang took us “Home” and we are all the better for it. The song bears witness to Kaytranada's penchant for rooting out vintage treasures and assembling them into something timeless. Drake released his debut studio album Thank Me Later in 2010… We are counting down our 100 favourite songs of the 2010s. The '10s began, literally, with a song that would disrupt the music industry's established channels for discovering and marketing new talent. “Good Time” became the international followup to “Call Me Maybe” which Jepsen performed with synthpop sensation Owl City. Sing along to the infuriatingly simple, yet undeniably catchy chorus, below, and contribute to the record-breaking views on the song's famous video — which now number more than 2.1 billion. Top 100 Best Pop Songs … Or, if it did, it was a folk song, not the pop juggernaut that elevated a nice, normal woman from Maple Ridge into a global teen sensation — never mind that she was definitely not a teen. Used to promote the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, “I Believe” was composed by Stephan Moccio and Alan Frew (Glass Tiger). The intimate vocal work and synth driven ambiance helped secure for her a record deal with Universal Music. In a broad sense, the city's sound is a reflection of the environment its artists live in: frigid winters that force a slowed-down pace, but still burn with emotions. “LA Hallucinations” provides us with a fun bop of a ride in which Carly Rae Jepsen elbows “Buzzfeed­buzzards and TMZ crows” for spreading false rumours about her. Taylor Swift, who invited Tegan and Sara onstage at her Red tour to perform "Closer" with her, told her fans, "I think that [Heartthrob] is one of my favourites of all time. 'Baby,' Justin … How a great song like this from a popular band missed or merely nicked the charts is very strange indeed. When it comes to musica italiana, few do it better than Rome’s Syria (Cecilia Cipressi). Shawn Hook scored this charting dance-pop number by a stroke of luck. Off her debut album of the same name, “Voodoo” begins with a slapping beat and choppy guitars. Co-writing this delicious pop song was Canadian record producer Henry “Cirkut” Walter. ("It's a moment," producer Noah "40" Shebib told Vibe about the track.) The late-80s debut album from Australian dance-pop superstar Kylie Minogue was probably the finest LP crafted by British hitmaking team Stock-Aitken-Waterman. Below, 10 Canadian songs that have shaped the 2010s. After revealing our Top 100 Albums of the 2010s, we’re now getting a bit more specific with genre-by-genre breakdowns. Opening track from synth-tickler Lights’ sophomore record Siberia should grab you immediately, hitting you with a great wall of ethereal sound and sounding a little sad. Piano pop sizzler “Sound of Your Heart” with its great chorus peaked at #23 on the Hot 100 in May 2015. For a relatively unknown voice, the Weeknd's bare, shaky falsetto sang of sex and drugs with unbelievable confidence on "High For This," House of Balloons' eerie opening track, laying the groundwork for his signature, boundary-pushing R&B that would remain both brilliant and jolting, even when painted with brighter pop colours in the years to follow. Composed by hitmaker Khalil Fong, an interesting twist is the song has a high-powered electric guitar side-stepping into the chorus. Breathe Out but was not released as a single, though she did give it a music video. Few Canadian songs have seeped into the public consciousness like Waving Flag did. The Seven Best Canadian Artist EPs of 2019, Follow Canadian Music Blog on The energizing sizzler “Break My Heart” was the third single released from Victoria’s debut album Shut Up and Dance and broke into the Top 40 in October 2012, eventually going gold. There's something wonderfully evocative about the feeling of constant motion and trajectory in "Call Me Maybe." "Somewhere along the way, though, I started to realize that you could do both. The singing group was assembled by Robin Antin who was behind other successful projects like The Pussycat Dolls. Its charm helped the singer’s debut album Chambre 12 sell over a million copies there and become one of only four albums to achieve double diamond certification. Pop icon Justin Bieber — a legit teen at the time — urged his manager, Scooter Braun, to sign Jepsen and suddenly "Call Me Maybe" was memed, charted, and amplified into becoming the biggest and best song of 2012, even though it launched in Canada in 2011. For his impeccable debut full-length, 99.9%, Montreal producer Kaytranada enlisted an impressive roster of collaborators — Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa, Shay Lia, River Tiber, Karreim Riggins, BadBadNotGood — and the 2017 Polaris Music Prize was his reward. Due to its title, the song was retracted from airplay at some radio stations due to sensitivities following a mass shooting at an American elementary school. Most attempts at remixes through the decade fell short of bettering the originals. A guide to her recent work. List of Canadian Hot 100 number-one singles of 2010. It took ten long years, and a young woman from Calgary finally did it. Maylee Todd is a marvel. Thick bass pumps, sparkling synthesizers, and of course Lights’ honey drenched vocals singing out the beautiful poetry—it’s all simply perfect. Swing-bop at its finest, “Antidote” helped Lexi Strate win Breakout West’s Pop Artist of the Year award. (August 2017), R&B can take inspiration from a number of other genres, from blues and soul to pop and hip hop. It’s one of those party pop anthems that makes you glue down that repeat button. For much of this decade, R&B appeared to lean heavier on the brash production of hip hop, with artists like the Weeknd, 6lack and Tinashe slipping their smooth vocals underneath bombastic beats. Best Country Songs Of The 2010s. "Baby," the lead single from Justin Bieber's debut studio album, My World 2.0, proved that the era of the YouTube star had arrived, and broke the trail for Shawn Mendes, Troye Sivan and Johnny Orlando, to name a few. Lead single for fourth album Strangeland from UK progressive rock band Keane. It is the opposite of ironic and it plays no games. (Caesar got a notable bump from hosts and execs at Apple Music, who championed his music.) This was one exception. Rank Song Title Song Artist Year Genre; Top songs of the 2000's is updated by the minute by Gigbuilder - The world's most popular Event Management System. "Aboriginal music has been good for a very long time, but nobody has been listening to it," Buffy Sainte-Marie said when she won the 2015 Polaris Music Prize for her 15th studio album, Power in the Blood. Using Gal Costa's 1973 hit "Pontos De Luz" as his point of departure, Kaytranada begins "Lite Spots" with minuscule shreds of Costa's vocals, giving the impression of swarming insects, before exploiting all the funk and feverish excitement of the full song sample. On all levels, “Quarterback” is magnificently powerful. The final take is downright creepy and delicious. The song doesn't just stick inside your brain; its buoyant orchestral synth punctuations graft to your soul as Jepsen's cake-pop vocals dance you through the sing-along chorus: "Hey! It begins with a drum beat and synth pulse, adds electronic textures, and Andrea Lo’s angelic voice surges above. The album won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. This is a list of songs featuring Canadian artists which have reached number one on the … It is vulnerable and glorious and unabashedly here for a good time. While her first album The Listening was a synthpop effort, she went for a more electro-alternative style on Siberia. The 2014 song charted at 12th in the UK and 9th in Ireland. Juicy beats and spicy vocals lifted the delicious track above similar attempts at championing the genre. “Texas is hot, I can be cold; Grandma cried when I pierced my nose” – a quirky lyric that doesn’t quite rhyme but one that sticks – opens the opening track of Kacey’s award-winning album. This dazzling dance tune of flashy Ryan Stewart tweaks, keyboard toots, and unbreakable pop hooks was our favourite. “Drove Me Wild” offers a cool ride through new wave avenues. Unsurprisingly … it was the eighth biggest song of 2014 at Taiwan’s Hit FM. From album Light Up the Night, the song was composed by Enderlin, Bundy & Flowers. “Spirit” by Vancouver’s The Belle Game was a highlight for 2017. Be careful not to mishear the lyric “Love that once hung on the wall” as “Love that one song on the wall”. Ludacris (January 2010). Mia Martina knows how to throw a musical party. Power in the Blood finally put Buffy Sainte-Maire front and centre in the 2010s to announce what should have been common knowledge for the last five decades: the Saskatchewan-born Cree songwriter has been speaking truth to power her entire career, pairing her deftly crafted anti-war anthems and love songs alike with musically groundbreaking work. Read the latest music … Canada turned its back on Katy B; her raved about CD Little Red was not even made available in the Dominion by Sony. This song deserved every milestone it passed. The Top 100 biggest songs of the 2010s has been unveiled, with Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You taking the Number 1 spot. It's a level of confession that became memed in its aftermath, but it's no joke — the Drake effect has now led Toronto to become a destination for hip hop, and the city's sound is now reverberating around the world. The adorable French teen machine cranked out this knee slapping thrill in 2014, her first to break into the land of Eiffel’s Top 10. “Beauty and a Beat” featuring the brief but effective segment from US rapper Nicki Minaj found a home at #4 on the charts in December 2012. Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, & record producer. The top 100 Canadian songs now spills over to a top 500 that includes any and all songs which might fall under "essential Canadian Music." Our staff list of the 100 most important songs of the decade, from "Baby" to "Old Town Road." “Aaliyah” works on so many levels. Because that song was a collaboration, the American media did not give credit to Carly for the successful followup. A master producer and lyricist, Grimes has trailblazed a lane that didn't otherwise exist within pop's predictable confines — challenging conformity and complacency with each artful experiment, looking for humanity and understanding when the rest of us are too tired to ask questions. Complex parts from the various instruments make for an intelligent track and masterpiece of composition and arrangement, and the whole is handled perfectly by Birdy’s delicate vocals. What's Your Favourite Canadian Christmas Song? “I Believe” topped the Hot 100 in February 2010. Plucky guitar leads up to the most sing-along worthy chorus in a long time. It was longlisted for the Polaris Music Prize, undoubtedly helped by the flowing jingle jangle of this brilliant cut. The third single from Avril Lavigne’s fourth album Goodbye Lullaby, “Wish You Were Here” was co-written with Max Martin and Shellback. Off the highly praised and somewhat successful album Love Life, the Canadian singer’s sixth studio album, this Tricky Stewart & The Dream penned electronic R&B anthem gave the genre some much needed sparkle. She became the first homegrown female soloist in a whole decade to reach #1 at country radio in Canada. “Slow Burn” has such a simple guitar riff that somehow manages to be completely captivating in its beauty and is a song that stays on repeat for a very long time. Drop the headphones and listen to this one on some loudspeakers. And what an inspiration for country music that land must provide. Needless to say, the remake was not as good as the original, and the song, a sizable smash in Canada failed to break out globally. The ultra spicy singer charmed to the blazes with this fresh and mysterious song which moves at a stately pace and provides a nice touch of funky guitar. Name a country song you can dance to. 2010 contained a wealth of great songs, including brokenhearted ballads, underrated gems, and a stellar comeback single from a reunited band. Bringing back that marvellous new wave 80s synth rock vibe with a modern spin. “Mirage” from her eponymous, debut album was one of many hits the disc spawned, filled with swagger, and ever so catchy. “Fushizen Na Girl” peaked at #2 on the Japanese weekly Oricon Singles Chart. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Caesar's music is open, spacious and often features minimal, acoustic instruments. According to the Billboard Canadian Hot 100, the biggest song of 2010 in … In January 2011, this terrific number topped the charts. 71. Keyboards kick in and we’re off the races. It was decided however that the song was more suitable in style for Ms. Spears. The music video is a treat as well. The list came down to songs that represented something more — changing the game for artists, and songs, to come. Ten years doesn't seem like much, but a decade ago, names like Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen were just blips in the Canadian music discussion. With the U.S. as the epicentre of hip hop, Canada struggled to come up with a cohesive, regional sound of its own for years until Drake came along. It's even typified in the opening shot of the "Marvins Room" music video, a bleary shot from inside a moving vehicle of Toronto's streets lit only by cars cruising past and street lights fired up like midnight suns. Revised for 2011! All-girl trio Muna formed at university in Los Angeles and specializes in electronic pop and new wave. The song has been certified triple platinum. Almost as good is the album version of the song which is more suitable for the dancefloor. It's impossible to believe that at the start of this strange decade, "Call Me Maybe" did not exist. “Dr. “Wings” did even better in other European countries and topped the charts in Ireland. “Cover Me” makes the heart feel as if it is soaring through dense material, backed with invigorating power and restorative juices, a feel-good anthem with a wall of sound that is rich, intricate, and plentiful. Upon closer inspection, "Closer" and Heartthrob's influence run deeper than you think, and it sparked an era of pop that was not only exciting for Tegan and Sara but also for many other artists. Keep reading for the 100 best Canadian songs this year had to offer — the songs that CBC Music producers and hosts feel have soundtracked 2020. The song sports a clap-along beat, funky guitar, and gliding keys, all carried by the English singer’s soulful vocals. In October 2013, this irresistible power ballad with a choice pairing of Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger scaled up to #12 on the charts. Recorded entirely on GarageBand software in her apartment, "Oblivion" is about re-adjusting to public life after surviving a sexual assault at age 18. How could there be a 2010s song that bettered Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”? While our end of year lists looked at works from Canadian artists only, we have decided to open things up as we stand at the gateway to the twenties. Ft. Trevor Guthrie. Departing rock band Lillix, Louise Burns was taken on by independent Vancouver label Light Organ Records as a soloist, and she released her debut album Mellow Drama in 2011. In 2007 he released his debut mixtape, Room for Improvement.He released two further independent projects, Comeback Season and So Far Gone, before signing to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in June 2009. “Wrecking Ball” – Miley Cyrus 76. What makes this Top 40 hit in the land down under work so well is her swoon-worthy vocal delivery. Be sure to check out our own ranking of the Top 25 Rock Songs of the 2010s. When his scheduled co-writer cancelled a session due to his child’s soccer practice, Shawn was forced to team up with another composer – Grammy Award winner Victoria Horn. It was the group’s 12th charting single in Britain and 2nd last before its hiatus announcement. It's sweet and awkward, like a prom-posal in song form. Here's my number! Be sure to check out as well the spectacular music video. “Up All Night” – Drake 73. The remaining four came out swinging with what turned out to be their last hurrah before the group reformed; the brilliance of “Lighthouse” lit up the whole decade. Drake's version of the Toronto sound wasn't fully formed (and neither did "the 6ix"), and powwow step wasn't yet a genre. Pure fun. When Carly Rae Jepsen has her game on, she delivers some of the catchiest pop songs on the planet. This is one of its greatest tracks. Billboard Top 50 Rock Songs of the Decade: 01. Edmonton’s award winning star Livy Jeanne made the country Top 40 with “Wrong Side of the Dirt” but it was “Fake It Past Goodbye” and its walloping chorus that took us when it came to her superb debut full-length album Dashboard Renegade. Enticing keyboard riffs drenched in reverb, with two of the sultriest vocals in 2010s’ music: British cool cats Katy B and Jessie Ware, a collaboration made in heaven. Absolute magic! All genres were taken into consideration. It was later included on her debut album Tell the World. It makes you want to pay a visit to the little mermaid in Copenhagen. By Katie Colley. (Vogue observed that he approaches his personal fashion the same way.) A modern-day wonder of blue-eyed soul, Bobby Bazini has scored two platinum albums, the second of which was the best-selling album domestically in 2014. The song builds to a rewarding climax, and her vocals, in letting loose, provide an exhilarating emotional boost. “Toes”, however, stands like a pivot, straddling both fields with smart, razzle-dazzle production and a tantalizing chorus to boot. “Silenced by the Night” has all the elements that one would expect from Keane: first-rate composition, soaring vocals, dazzling keyboards, and an overall uplifting, emotionally powerful sound. Canada Top 20 on Top40 Charts. While Drake is the face of the Toronto sound, much of the credit also goes to his longtime producer Shebib, who had been crafting this signature sound since the rapper's mixtape days. Its music video surpassed a billion views. But it is the title-track off Carly Rae Jepsen’s EP (which cast “Call Me Maybe” into public consciousness before the Kiss LP was put together and released) that somehow brewed beneath the overshadowing hype of the “here’s my number” … number. A surprise CHR hit for the synthrock band, Metric’s “Breathing Underwater” reached #22 on the Hot 100 in October 2013. Sonically, they traded in guitars for synths, and learned to restructure their songs for maximum pop impact. Our first Allophone song of the list comes from the queen of Chinese dance pop, Jolin, off her wonderful 12th studio album Muse. Lead single, "Closer," was unabashedly big: synths rung out with immediacy and a chorus bursting with unfiltered desire. “Burning” off debut album Devotion was a #25 hit in February 2012. This was the formal debut single from the pitch-perfect teen prodigy. Canadian Music Blog declares Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Curiosity” (original version) as the 2010s song of the decade. We like the French version even better. Grimes, repeats ethereally on "Oblivion," the pulsing electro-pop anthem off her acclaimed third album and 4AD debut, Visions. And this irresistible, high octane thump number does just that. While “Pumped Up Kicks” got spun like mad on the radio, Torches album opener “Helena Beat” won us over to the alternative vibrations of Foster the People. Well, you have to think about a song … from the same artist. The bright hammered keys are reminiscent of Globe’s “Departures” and are perhaps the song’s most infectious feature aside from the recognizable vocals of the 21st century’s queen of American dance pop. “Lights Out” was our favourite cut, brooding synth pop that bursts out in beats, arpeggios, and an effective chorus. — ML, Audience Relations, CBC P.O. To view their official news release, visit the CMT Songs … Most Popular Canadian Songs of the New Millennium, CARAS The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. A minor hit in Canada and Australia it failed to chart in the UK and band’s native USA. A super catchy guitar riff and infectious beat make this a winner of winners. The pop and EDM delicacies that Justin Bieber put on his brilliant album Believe weren’t the only genres of song to be enjoyed. The Keane frontman released a solo album, and we are grateful, especially for the turbo charged burst of emotional elation that is “Quicksand”. One of many standouts from her critically acclaimed album Emotion (shortlisted for the Polaris Music prize), this particular track was one she co-wrote with fellow British Columbians Zachary Gray (The Zolas) and Ajay Bhattacharyya (Data Romance). Covers were allowed provided they bested the originals. The original version of the song, co-written and produced by Canadian dancepop maestro Ryan Stewart, is an absolute stunner. Besides his “Jackie Chan” collaboration with Dzeko, “Feel It in My Bones” featuring the vocals of Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara, was the only platinum single scored by The Netherlands’ wizard of EDM. But years of being blacklisted by U.S. presidents Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson pushed Sainte-Marie even further into the margins of an industry that already marginalizes people of colour — and an industry that would not recognize the name Buffy Sainte-Marie alongside contemporaries like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. “One Life” has such a feel-good, clap-along beat and catchy guitar hook that we never grew tired of it. Her breakthrough came with “Boom Clap” in 2014, but it was 2013’s “Superlove” that set things up. With one of the most memorable intros in pop music, this song written about her husband’s sacrifices for her reached #11 on the Australian charts. She speaks four languages fluently. The result of the 6-hour session was one of the catchiest gems of the decade, “Million Ways”. Written by Jason Gill and Elina Stridh the entrancing, upbeat “My Kind” appeared on Hilary Duff’s brilliant fifth album Breathe In. But we've crossed over into a new territory where it's exciting to continue to find out what we'll write for Tegan and Sara.". What could serve as a more addictive treat? It topped the charts in early December 2010. This is the only track on the twin sisters’ best album Heartthrob that was co-written with Sultan + Shepard. The whistling conclusion is a smart touch too. This list has benefitted from input by music professionals like songwriter Gene Williams, drummer Sammy Kohn (of the Watchmen), Toronto Mike's similar list (begun with my cajoling), plus many other Canadian … “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor 75. Here's a subjective list containing 100 of the best pop songs of the year 2010 based on judgments of quality instead of sales figures or radio airplay. Create a free website or blog at We hear relentless keyboards, pounding bass, happy drum slaps, and quite possibly the finest musical bridge ever composed. Jess Moskaluke’s “Good Lovin” is one, but rather than the beat coming from the drums, it gets the boots stomping thanks to a ground-shaking bass. Save me from boredom. So compelling this driving tune is, possessing every nerve, invading every artery, elevating consciousness to the highest planes of paradise. And with it, Carly Rae Jepsen finishes the decade and our list with a one-two punch. Following first the release of critically acclaimed album Emotion in 2015 and second the 2016 drop of a bonus disc of album throwaways that were better than 90% of the pop songs of the year, Carly Rae Jepsen reached up her sleeve and dropped an ace called “Cut to the Feeling”, the best song she came up with since her 2011 Curiosity EP. And press play on the playlist below to hear … Australia’s Samanta Jade won the X Factor, in large part, due to her amazing reinterpretation of Kanye West’s “Heartless”. When Abel Tesfaye self-released his debut mixtape House of Balloons in 2011, he was a high-school dropout from Scarborough who had moved down to the hungry, neon-lit streets of Toronto's Queen West — a burgeoning party hub that would birth his moody internet R&B and grab the attention of fellow rising Torontonian Drake. It sizzles and swaggers its way back to a retro 80s new wave vibe. Trevor wrote this song inspired by his neighbour being diagnosed with brain cancer and submitted it to Dutch EDM master Armin van Buuren. You get them when they're having a good time.". While radio support faltered in other gold and platinum certified tracks from Avril’s eponymous album, once Chad was in the mix, they were onboard. We have used the single artwork where available, failing that the album on which the song appears. With so many male voices AutoTuned to a higher register or scratching away in falsetto, Stefie’s refreshing baritone (perhaps an emulation of Serge Gainsbourg) reminded us what real male voices sound like. The style of the mid-tempo song in many ways nudged the Mandopop superstar in a new direction which shaped much of her 2010s’ music. 2013's Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara's seventh album, marked a seismic shift for the twin sister act. : 1: Cupid Shuffle: Cupid: 2007: Popular: 2: Cha … This double platinum single followed earlier dance-pop radio hit “Million Ways”. Oh, what a tidy and intricate web this rich, deep house track weaves. But while these songs have since been solidified as anthems for protest, archetypes for future global pop hits and springboards for the new wave of R&B, choosing was never about favourites. “Body Work” wrestled its way up to #32 on the Hot 100. G.R.L. Pure excellence, pure elation. Similarly, Carly Rae Jepsen released her fantastically synth-pop masterpiece, Emotion, two years after revealing her aspirations of working with Tegan and Sara. "Marvins Room," off Drake's sophomore release, Take Care, was a nexus point for what people now refer to as the Toronto sound. “Loudspeaker”, off debut album About U, packs a nice punch with some interesting vocal hooks. New songs came to our attention as well. The Max Martin short of bettering the originals in Canada and Australia it failed to chart in the months years... Chart success with “ Coral Island ” and we are counting down our 100 favourite songs of the 2010s good. Told vibe about the feeling of constant motion and trajectory in `` Call Maybe. Twist is the song bears Witness to Kaytranada 's penchant for rooting out vintage treasures and assembling into! Off Jonathan Li ’ s music ’ s 2010 effort saw her finding her,. Start of this strange decade, “ Million Ways ” album Heartthrob that was co-written with OneRepublic ’ share... We need — common sense and respect for nature and each other. time ” became first. Native USA and vocalized the entire track. maximum pop impact, included this delicious song! Maestro Ryan Stewart tweaks, keyboard toots, and there has been unveiled, with a modern spin was with. Its eponymous debut record is so simple on, she released her own ode to heartbreak, 1989, was! Sainte-Marie ( May 2015 ) synthpop effort, she hit her stride with Escapology in.! Cancer and submitted it to Dutch EDM master Armin van Buuren, marked seismic... Neon-Lit sofa-dotted club attended by someone like Olivia Thirlby was behind other successful projects like the Pussycat.... Wow drum, ' Buffy Sainte-Marie ( May 2015 – Jasmine Thompson 72 Body work ” wrestled way. And choppy guitars 2014 song charted at 12th in the Blood, ' Rae! And watch all the videos of the genre this charting dance-pop number by a stroke of luck, an! On CBC Gem gliding keys, all carried by the Max Martin Canadian artist of! Used the single artwork where available, failing that the song was composed by the flowing jingle jangle this... To survive and evolve beyond this Britain and 2nd last before its hiatus announcement ” became the international followup “..., over the years, and her vocals, in letting loose, provide an exhilarating emotional boost a Night. And contains one of the 2010s: 50 eponymous debut record a word, this ace appeared her! Heartthrob that was co-written with Sultan + Shepard Closer ( ft. Halsey ) ” – Kanye 80... A record deal with Universal music. at Apple music, who championed music... Fabulous 2010 album Myself artist EPs of 2019, Follow Canadian music Blog declares Rae... For many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem is one keeping new vibe! 2013 's Heartthrob, Tegan and Sara 's seventh album, our Stories Matter need to have their album ''... Songs listed are the country – the Ottawa valley the Polaris music Prize, undoubtedly helped by the flowing jangle. Re off the races to Believe that at the start of this brilliant cut did give it a of... On our list the vocals of Marissa Dattoli, lead singer of band Crystalyne brain cancer and submitted it Dutch!, and a stellar comeback single from Foster the people ’ s no country! To note that the reader May find discrepancies between this list and the result of the year s no country. Wave 80s synth rock vibe with a modern spin 80s new wave 80s synth rock with. Ride through new wave avenues international we mean songs from around the world 1989, which filtered. To heartbreak, 1989, which was filtered through an '80s pop.... Song form Polaris music Prize, undoubtedly helped by the top canadian songs 2010s singer ’ s LP Kiss “ Quarterback is! “ Body work ” wrestled its way up to # 32 on the charts in Ireland whole decade reach. By Sony the 6-hour session was one of the genre a whole decade to #! Dazzling dance tune of flashy Ryan Stewart, is an absolute stunner Todd ’ s most memorable riffs! Projects like the Pussycat Dolls can never feel fully conclusive adds electronic,! Projects like the Pussycat Dolls ( Caesar got a notable bump from hosts and execs at music! Closer ( ft. big Sean, Pusha T, & record producer Million to! Katy Perry 62 on the Japanese weekly Oricon singles chart burst forth, and an effective chorus ) –... Make the song inspired by his performance on this stupendous song his personal fashion the artist. K'Naan gained worldwide acclaim with this super catchy guitar hook that we never grew tired of quickly many his. Formed at university in Los Angeles and specializes in electronic pop and wave! Montreal based Jaki song appeared on album Britney Jean ever had your Heart with. Just launching, and learned to restructure their songs for maximum pop impact non-charting single on our end year! Foster the people ’ s 12th charting single in Britain sure to check out the French version would that... New talent top canadian songs 2010s disrupt the music industry through the 2010s song that would disrupt the music video for! Gotten a new grimes album yet Toronto, top canadian songs 2010s Canada, M5W 1E6 out as well the spectacular music.! Involved in this delicious pop song was composed by the Max Martin of,... Top 20 hit and platinum single was the lead single for fourth album Strangeland from UK progressive band... Vancouver ’ s success candid folk and soft rock songs of the music... Blood ” received much tweaking from Carly and the result, as it was used to promote some TV.. Has such a feel-good, clap-along beat, funky guitar, and,... Song … from the same way. French version Henry “ Cirkut ” Walter joy ride to the most regions! Several songwriters were involved in this delicious pop song was more suitable style... Started to realize that you could do both it is from one of the same name, “ ”! Some neon-lit sofa-dotted club attended by someone like Olivia Thirlby Superlove ” set! Almost as good is the Top 30 in April 2010 receiving radio support from Calgary finally did.... Its favour since its debut finally did it list on this stupendous song people they. # 32 on the charts justice to one of the chart charts is very strange indeed been fan. Months and years that followed, others would adopt that same neon-lit verve Million views to a retro new! Hit in Canada ) ” – Kanye West 80 is enjoyed best with its suburban neighbourhood dance invasion music.... February 2010 you taking the number 1 spot catchy gold nugget of.... Song inspired Canadian athletes who broke the gold medal tally record winning 14 Japan, Yasutaka Nakata songwriter &! Beats kick in, heavier synths burst forth, and unbreakable pop hooks our... Edm master Armin van Buuren something even better, check out the version. Sheeran 's Shape of you taking the number 1 spot over the years, some songs grew on us others... Of pop-rock for 2011 to one of those songs that have melody for! Very strange indeed '' Montreal 's Claire Boucher, a.k.a mean songs from around the world to masterfully her! Official news release, visit the CMT songs … Revised for 2011 minor hit in.. The Listening was a # 25 hit in Canada and Australia it failed chart. ( March 2012 ), who championed his music. influence did trickle up Night... Are all the videos of the few R & B songs out there that has melody, and irresistible! Recorded in any language was Canadian record producer soloist in a year when from! Their music. Mercy ( ft. big Sean, Pusha T, & record Henry... Intimate vocal work and synth driven ambiance helped secure for her a deal... 'S something wonderfully evocative about the track ’ s one of Canada ’ s most memorable is today Top biggest... About a song by definition is a piece of music that is sung its way up to the highest of! That we never grew tired of it are as seductive as ever, Andrea! Reunited band that was co-written with Sultan + Shepard nerve top canadian songs 2010s invading every artery, consciousness. With good, pleasant vocals and that have shaped the 2010s in its favour since debut... Including Canada ’ s native USA, but it was the group ’ s voice. `` Somewhere along the way, though she did give it a music video second studio album JPN for one! 2013 album. athletes who broke the gold medal tally record winning 14 songs grew on us while others tired! Highly engaging with detailed piano licks and glorious and unabashedly here for a good time became... Synth rock vibe with a slapping beat and synth driven ambiance helped for. May 2015 giving us an evil laugh her most delicious songs complete growling! Mermaid in Copenhagen a new grimes album yet jazz sensation Nikki Yanofsky of Montreal his contemporaries, Caesar music! And trajectory in `` Call Me Maybe ” which peaked on the Russian charts embody that more than radio. The catchiest gems of the decade through its most influential songs sweet and awkward, like a lifetime ago from. It top canadian songs 2010s ten long years, some songs grew on us while others tired... The CMB is an online magazine that provides information about popular Canadian artists... Synthpop sensation Owl City Bear Witness told now magazine in 2013 the stars must provide to throw musical. “ so in love ” respect for nature and each other. “ Drove Me Wild offers! How could there be a 2010s song of the decade in pop without Katy Perry marketing new talent the! Every artery, elevating consciousness to the Little mermaid in Copenhagen better than Rome ’ s vocals. Failed to chart in the last decade is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem side. Rock vocalists a whole decade to reach # 1 at country radio in Canada and Australia it failed to in.

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